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Content alone is an empty promise

By: **Jay Mandel* Founder, The Collective NYC*

Image: An Empty Room

Recently, I have taken an interest in documenting and learning from how brands are responding to the coronavirus. For the last few weeks, I have been building a presentation on the topic. Every day I refine it just a bit, adding some new information or making shifts based on new ideas or inspiration. DM me for the latest iteration.

When I first created the presentation, I called it:

Creating Content In Uncertain Times: Coronavirus Edition

A few days later, I realized content is the output; the meaning comes from understanding what you or your company stands for and delivering something that your customers want. I went with a new title:

Creating Value in Uncertain Times: Coronavirus Edition

Then I got a comment from my friend and former Mastercard colleague, Gregg Weiss. He said:

"Value can not be created. Only potential value. Upon receipt of or exposure to something, value can be determined by that person, but never by the creator. There are many things we can do to create potential for value. We should keep doing so, in hope that someone finds value in what we create."

In many ways, I agree with Gregg's statement, so I further articulated why I used "creating value." My response to Gregg:

"The person consuming defines the value, but if the person defines value for themselves after being exposed to your product, promotion, and they see it the right place and time, haven't you created value? If you didn't, they wouldn't have engaged in your content, purchased your product, etc."