Instead of talking about weekend plans over the communal pot of coffee in the office, you can engage in short, meaningful conversations with various coworkers over Zoom (or any platform you are most familiar with).

Section off 20-30 minute chunks of your morning a few times a month to talk about hobbies outside of work, family, friends, and anything that will help get to know your coworkers better and start your day off right.

Productive communication amongst team members is key for a successful work day, and this real-time engagement often lacks when we're physically separated. It's up to you how to organize the chats, but for the best results, we recommend pairing people with employees they have had limited contact with. This coffee break can be scheduled for two individuals, broken into small groups, or for small companies like ours, company-wide meetings!

To help randomize who you your coworkers get paired with, check out this random coffee website, or if your team is on Slack, try using the Donut app.